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We want this company to reflect the values that we believe in - do good work -  don't promise more than you can deliver and provide clear value for the time and money clients invest.


It's important that people know the scope of our business model - The Wheelbarrow Gardener = If we can't complete your project with our wheelbarrow, shovel, rake and a few strong backs then the project is too big. There are enough landscape companies out there that can look after you if you require a tree spade, backhoe or skid steer. We enjoy doing the smaller design projects that people don't feel comfortable approaching the big guys for, or feel they can't do it on their own either due to lack of ability, knowledge or time. 


This will be our 6th year in business and we have not changed our priorities or values, we are still working for the little guy. Seniors who want to stay in their homes with some help, homes and condominiums that need assistance with short or long term garden maintenance (we don't do lawns). People that want to learn about gardening or just need a little help  understanding what they have or what they want in a garden space. .

We continue to learn from the previous years and we are always looking for ways to improve our services and give you the very best value for your dollars spent.  

More details below.


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Garden  Consultation 

Price $95.00 

Unsure of what to grow where, when and how? Need some advice and inspirational ideas on what can be done with your yard or garden? Book a 1.5 hour consultation with The Wheelbarrow Gardener and she will come ready to give you plant suggestions, ideas, advice and gardening tips to help you bring your dream space to life. 

Have your notebook handy as all communication at the consultation will be verbal. Other than a few hand drawn sketches, there will be no formal design provided, speak to our team about booking a Design Consultation if your looking for more formal and defined information. 


Price $130.00

New to the gardening scene or to the area? Not quite sure about some of the truths and myths of gardening in Alberta. The Wheelbarrow Gardener will come out and tend to the garden with you all while giving you loads of advice, tips and tricks in helping you become a successful gardener. Whether it be perennial, annual, vegetable gardening or a mixture of all three. You will have two hours of time to work along side The Wheelbarrow Gardener in your space doing what you need done.  

The Wheelbarrow Gardener will gladly arrive with sleeves rolled up and prepared to provide sweat equity as long as you provide the tools and a cool glass of water when you're done.  Approx. 2 hours


Price $65.00 /hr 

minimum 2 hours 

plus cost of plants or supplies

Short or long Term (all summer, while your away on holidays, or just one time)

Weekly / Bi weekly or Monthly visits to provide such gardening services as:

weeding / watering / deadheading / pruning dead or broken branches  planting ground or container gardens  / dividing or transplanting perennials / applying compost, soil amendments or mulch / pruning shrubs and small trees (less than 3 meters) for shape or function 

Vegetable Gardening Package

Price $89.00 

Add ons will be quoted

Have you always wanted to grow your own vegetables? Now more than ever it’s important to know where your food source is coming from, how they have been grown and who has handled them

Not sure where to start, feeling confused and overwhelmed with all the information available online? Here is how we can help. We are offering a gardening package that gets you started, keeps you informed and provides support through the growing season.

What’s included:
- downloadable PDFs with basic gardening info and links to gardening resources
- 1 hour on site consultation to help provide insight and advice on starting a new or refurbishing an existing vegetable garden.
- Access to a private Facebook group with gardening videos and live chats to support your efforts throughout the year.

Add on options
- Assistance with prepping ground and planting
- Assistance in building raised garden beds.
- Monthly maintenance visits
All add ons would be quoted once we understand the scope of the work.

Additional fees may apply for on site visits outside the city of St Albert / Edmonton city limits.

Send us an email at to get the conversation started.

Package PDFs and Facebook group will be available mid April. On site visits will commence when weather permits.

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Fill out our SERVICE INQUIRY FORM​  and we will get in touch with you in regards to availability and service schedule.

We provide strictly garden services we DO NOT provide lawn care.

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