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Rose Blossom

Gardening Services

We want this company to reflect the values that we believe in - do good work -  don't promise more than you can deliver and provide clear value for the time and money clients invest.


It's important that people know the scope of our business model - The Wheelbarrow Gardener = If we can't complete your project with our wheelbarrow, shovel, rake and a few strong backs, then the project is too big. There are enough landscape companies out there that can look after you if you require a tree spade, backhoe or a skid steer.  


This will be our 9th year in business and we have not changed our priorities or values, we are still working for the little guy. Seniors who want to stay in their homes with some help, the busy home owner that doesn't want to work in the garden on their time-off, and anyone that wants to learn about gardening or just needs a little help understanding what they have or what they want in a garden space.



We continue to learn from the previous years and we are always looking for ways to improve our services and give you the very best value for your dollars spent.  

Scroll down for more details and to request services. 


Weekend Market

Short or long Term (all summer, while your away on holidays, or just one time)


Spring and Fall Cleanup

- tidy gardens and prep for summer or winter

- prep perennials 

- trimming dead or broken branches on shrubs and

  small trees

- adding mulch or soil amendments 





Weekly / Bi weekly or Monthly visits to provide such gardening services as:

- weeding

- watering 

- deadheading  

- planting ground or container gardens 

- dividing or transplanting perennials

- applying compost, soil amendments or mulch

- pruning shrubs and small trees (less than 2 meters) for

  shape or function.

One Time or Holiday Help

- Plant or design consultation

- Garden care while away on holidays

- Seasonal Container plantings

- Garden edit prior to home sale

- Vegetable garden planning

Open for applications Feb 15, 2023.  

Contact us for Services


Fill out our CONTACT FORM​  and we will get in touch with you in regards to our services and pricing.

We provide strictly garden services we DO NOT provide lawn care.

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