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Wedding Flowers - Did You Know?

Photo: Dana  Dusterhoft 

Some fun and informational facts about weddings and the flowers that are designed for that special day.  These are based on the policies and procedures of The Wheelbarrow Florist and may not be common practice for other florists.

Did you know?....... the flowers for a wedding are ordered approx. 4-6 weeks in advance of the special day. The earlier we put in a request with our suppliers the more likely we are to get what we want and sometimes at a better price. 

....... most flowers have to be ordered from our suppliers in bundles  or 5 - 10 or 25 stems and some greenery is bundled by weight not by the amount of stems. There are very few flowers that we can order in single stem amounts. That's why it's important to let the florist manipulate what flowers will work best to create the vision, as they know what to order to maximize the amount of flowers, to get the biggest bang for dollars invested.

....... for any wedding we will order in 10% more of the important focal flowers than is necessary, so we can pick the very best blooms from the bunch for the important elements of the wedding like the bridal bouquet and head table centrepiece.  We know those items are going to get photographed the most, so we want to make sure they get the perfect blooms.

....... that Peonies and Lily of the Valley  are two of the most expensive wedding flowers even when they are in season. That is because their season is so short and supply and demand during that season causes prices to soar. 

....... on average we spend about 4 -6 hours on a wedding before we even touch a flower.  Consultations, communication via phone or email with clients or other vendors, researching flowers to fit the vision for the time of year, figuring out designs, writing proposals and ordering flowers, vases, ribbon etc all need to be done long before the flowers arrive. 

....... depending on the flowers used, the bridal bouquet will likely be made the night before or early the morning of the wedding, so there are a lot of late nights at the studio staying past midnight or coming in very early in the morning to work on final design of the  wedding flowers and packaging for delivery. 

...... we will often add in something special to the groom's boutonniere that represents or is special to him, it can be very subtle but he knows it's there. We've added in guitar pics, pencils, gears, just something that speaks to him, because he deserves something special on this day too. 

..... that for a wedding with a bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaids, matching boutonnieres for the men, two ceremony arrangements and 10 reception centrepieces it can take anywhere from 8 - 20 hours to prep the flowers, and make those elements. Of course complexity of design and the amount of flowers in those elements will dictate the time spent. 

...... that the flowers for a wedding can come from as far away as Columbia and Ecuador.  They are two of the major suppliers of many of the roses used in the floral industry. There are local, Canadian and US suppliers as well, and we will often opt to buy as local as possible to cut down on costs and environmental impact before looking elsewhere. 

..... that all of our hand tied bouquets are delivered with a vase of water and a white cloth. Imagine how you would feel if you went your whole wedding day without a drink. The flowers need a drink too , so we always encourage bridal parties to put the bouquets back in the vases when they are not being used. That way they will look as beautiful come the reception as they did earlier that day when you received them. The white cloth is so you can dry off the bottom of the stems when you take them out of the vase so water doesn't drip on your dress. 

...... if you've been reading along and doing the math you can see that for an average wedding we will spend anywhere from 12 - 30 hours on the flowers and that's if everything goes to plan. If flowers come in the wrong colour or not to the quality we want, or if there is a need for delivery and on site set up then there are additional hours added.

...... that with each wedding we do, we develop a special relationship with our couples, we are not just putting the flowers together we are designing floral art for their wedding day and we want to make sure that of all the things couples have to think about on their wedding day, the flowers are not one of them. 

Well there you go, a few tidbits of information you may not have known about the flowers for a wedding. What I love most about pursuing my passion is that although the steps to provide the flowers for every wedding are very close to the same, the flowers, couples, venues and overall visions for the wedding are so vastly different that each wedding becomes a new adventure, and we LOVE adventure. 

 Photo: The Wheelbarrow Florist

Photo: Infinite Imagery 

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